Thursday, March 20, 2014

More snow....March 3, 2014

Then it started to March 7, in the afternoon, I tried a different walk for me, the Crescent Trail.
The trail is still very icy and muddy..we took a break on the railroad trestle over the creek. 
I don't know how she does it - Mali was black, covered in dark, thick mud on her legs and under belly, but by the time we got back to the car, she was clean again....she's like Teflon, water and dirt repel off of her.
At the trestle, we also uncovered what all of the noise was that we had been hearing...
See where those pipes are running along the trail next to the creek?  That is one of my favorite walks when the sun is strong in the summer.  Glad I didn't take it.  I thought what was going on was really interesting - the yellow crane was lifting the red small construction vehicle from the right bank to the left bank.

March 10 - a rough work day but Daylight Savings is giving us light into the evening and the snow is now mostly gone.  A great evening walk.

Here we are about to go under the railroad trestle and the Crescent Trail.
There are those pipes we saw from the trestle a couple of days before.  Mali was very brave; there were a lot of people enjoying the beautiful evening.
As we walked along, I looked out and saw that there were actually FLOWERS blooming!  In the last rays of daylight...
 The last light is in the tops of the trees....
 Do you see how thick the ice still is in the wetland area?

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