Friday, March 21, 2014

Mali - One Year Today!

Mali joined our home and our lives one year ago today.  How much has changed for all of us!  How much she has added to our lives, and how she has blossomed, too.

She woke up late on her anniversary and I was already at work as she trotted into the room, with her crooked tail up and gently wagging.  She gave me a "kiss" hello and then headed towards the back door to signal she wanted to go out.  Tail wagging.  Tail up.  No longer tightly tucked as it was last year.

We went for her annual physical earlier this week, and though she cowered under the chair beneath me, she wasn't as frightened or as unmovable as in the past.  I think Chi's enthusiasm for Doc is helping Mali begin to accept the handling. Plus she has confidence.

Some photos from her anniversary:
She wasn't too sure what I was trying to do ... I wanted to take a portrait shot of she and Chi - while holding the leashes...
There they are!  What loves!  Happy Anniversary, Girl!


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