Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mali's Progress -- February 22, 2013 

Mali has been with us now for 11 months...we have all been enriched and grown.

One of the big changes that I have noticed is that Mali can just be a dog now.  When she first joined us, she would study intently everything I did, every move I made - and then tried to do it herself.  Now she comes and tells me what she wants or needs.  She has learned that if I leave, I will return.  If I leave and she hasn't had a good walk before hand, she may show me her displeasure by putting the trash can in the dog bed - or my bed!  But no damage, and if she feels fed, and exercised and has "relieved herself" before hand, there is no fuss at all - and isn't that what should be done before being left at home?

But yesterday, the 22nd, we went to visit with my cousins and take a walk in Crofton Park.  And although she had met 2 of the 3 cousins before - briefly, at home - when the car door opened in a place she'd never been and there were these 3 "strangers" standing nearby, her old fears came back.  She trembled and retreated and made herself "immovable".  Chi, who has calmed down in his approach to people - not jumping up and being over excited - since Mali joined us, eagerly greeted my cousins and walked off with them as if they were long time best buds.  I went back alone to the car, and Mali came out.  We started our walk, and one of the cousins had headed back because of the snow and ice on the path.  She walked along with Mali and I, and we had a good talk.  Mali even relaxed enough to "relieve" herself.  Mali did quite well until Chi came running to us and she started looking for the car to run for safety again because she knew it was close by.

So we still have to be cautious about groups of people and new places to walk...but making advances as she trusts us more and more.


Winter 2014 -  Not too many walks, long or short, with the temperatures so low and so much ice and snow this winter...

Rock Creek Park - January 31, 2014
And Mali always looks up at me...what's next?  is everything okay?
A different section of Rock Creek Park - February 7, 2014
And then the BIG snow came February 13 and 14 --
My son was up early as the snow was still falling to tramp it down to make paths or tracks for the dogs to manage with it so deep.
 Chi follows right on his heels.....
Mali rushes out to join the fun!

Mali arched her back up to leap into the high snow and go forward!
Does this show how much snow there was in the morning, before it continued through the day?
Well, they know when they go out the front door that they usually are going to ride in the, how do we get to the car?????

"I see the car over there......."
Chi tried so hard to get there, but it was just too hard...
And the snow began again that night....
There was a beautiful sunrise the next morning...and lots of ice.
Mali was out before the sun was fully wasn't easy because it was icy now.


July Celebration - 2013

July Running Free Celebration - 2013 -
It may be the middle of a rather rough winter, but I have finally been able to edit the photos taken the beginning of last July.  (Shortly after downloading the photos to my desktop, the PC got "trashed" - a very long story.)

We understand that it is believed that Mali was born in July, so July 2013 brought her second birthday, and the start of her 4th month with us.  We celebrated on July 4th with a day that started at a state park in northern Montgomery County:

Mali definitely looked like a happy dog...
But when you call her name, she raises up, and comes running back...
And Chi enjoyed the run, too...
Mali, come, we have more to see!
With more than a foot of snow on the ground as I was going through these photos, it wasn't until I saw this picture of Chi that I remembered how hot it was that day.  Smart dog that Chi is, he rested his head on the arm rest and let the air conditioning blow up on his neck and chest from the vent below!
They rested up, as we headed for Sky Line Drive, and more adventures...
As storms hit on Sky Line Drive, we headed for a friend's mountain top home...Mali approved.
There they are!  On top of the world!
And there were several breaks for water...
And lots more time to play....

A great day for all....